MetroGnomo Barebones

Advanced users can integrate Metrognomo timestamps into their existing applications.

To request a MetroID:

MetroGnomo will email a user a MetroID when the below request is made. EMAIL

To procure a timestamp:

A timestamp can be requested from the below address. A MetroID is compulsory, but the timestamp tag is not. Within the timestamp tag (limited to 500 characters) you can include information that identifies the object stamped, such as a description or file hash. This information will be publically broadcast to all MetroGnomo Receivers, and shown on the Website, so pre-encryption may be advisable. MetroID/TIMESTAMP TAG

The timestamp tag could include a privately generated hash of the file that is being stamped.

To generate a list of user MetroID’s

MetroGnomo will email the user a list of the MetroID’s attached to the given address if the following request is made. EMAIL